So much information, so little time…

A few days into my Canadiana dive, and I’ve already found something. It’s not a big something — in fact, it’s somewhat small and more anecdotal than anything — but it’s something more than nothing.

That second paragraph, after the “Modern Shediac” title?  Simon à Pierrote Leblanc was my 1st cousin, 7 times removed. So to be clear, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this was a small anecdotal find 😉 But still, to read something something like this, a published work that establishes my extended family in an area hundreds of years ago — I feel like this is the first step in what will eventually become an important process.

With that said, there’s SO MUCH INFORMATION!! I feel like I’m drowning in trying to wrap my head around how much is there. It’s amazingly fun 🙂


When I decided to start looking into my family history, it made sense to start with my father’s family first. My mother was fairly close to her family, and between her siblings and our cousins and extended aunts and uncles, there are plenty of people available to help with gathering information and understanding how the clan functions. That’s not the case on my dad’s side. He wasn’t particularly close to his dad, and his sisters both lived quite a distance away for my entire life. I was also drawn to learn more about the one grandparent that I had never met — my father’s mother, Alvina Marie Leblanc.

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